Why What Sticks?

What Sticks. Not to be confused with What Stinks. I’m sure there’s a blog named that somewhere in the internetosphere that covers all kinds of olfactory offenses but this isn’t it. What Sticks refers two important reasons for my online existence.

Stick Figures. I love drawing them! Drawing is all about communication, and while I would love to be able to sketch flawlessly detailed portraits and landscapes, they are not the art forms I turn to when I have something to tell. Stick figures are more than capable of expressing a wide range of emotion and action that helps me get my point across.

Seeing what sticks. I want to be a writer, and to be a writer one must write. So this blog acts as an exercise. I’ll write a bunch of different posts consisting of poems, sketches, rants, musings, and writer’s-process confessions and see what kind of reactions or responses I receive.

I’ve just reread what I wrote and it’s not as interesting as I it sounded in my head an hour ago. I apologize. It’s incredibly hot and humid in this room and it’s affecting my concentration. Ughh. It’ll get better. Not quite sure if I’m promising you that or myself, but hopefully we’ll both be satisfied.

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