The First of Many

As I sit here sipping bitter tea and alternating my stare between the sunny, green view from my bedroom apartment window and blank doc on my computer screen I think to myself… Kandace, is this really what you want to do?

Of course it is! I’m a writer, and a writer needs a blog or some kind of website to put her words and thoughts into the world!


Why?! So she can be discovered! But more importantly, so she can interact with the community and figure out what she has to say and how she’s gonna say it!

This is just one of many internal dialogues that will take place today.

Now, as I’ve sat here writing this, the first post, The Temptations’ Get Ready and Stevie Wonder’s Uptight have crossed through my impressive speakers via Pandora radio and now I’m hype! Let’s do this!

I’m Kandace J Coston. I love writing but I loathe writing about myself so instead I’m going to list some facts about myself that will reveal my character more so then a self description ever could:

  • I let my Magic 8 Ball dress me one day. You might be thinking: oh how cute! She must have been in middle school or something, but no. I was definitely a senior in college and left the dorm wearing black pants with brown shoes and a fugly shirt.
  • I’m a huge fan of comics and superhero stories, particularly Marvel’s The Avengers and even more particularly, Iron Man. In an alternate universe where Tony Stark is a guest lecturer for Columbia University’s Astronomy department, he’s my husband.
  • I would rather be a super villain than a super hero.
  • Characters I’ve painted on my nails include but are not limited to: Ursula (The Little Mermaid), Sulley (Monsters, Inc.) The Hulk (The Avengers), and Jason Voorhees (Friday the 13th).
  • My first command as Supreme Overlord of The World would be the worldwide demolition of all automatically flushing toilets.
  • I could eat fresh pizza every day for the rest of my life.
  • Favorite Disney Princess: Pocahontas. She’s beautiful, strong, adventurous, the granddaughter of wise willow tree.
  • I believe in ninjas, chivalry, and dragons and would LOVE to read a story that skillfully combines all three.
  • Bubbles, Scotch Tape, and Magnetism are sources of every day magic.

That’s most of me in a list. You can find more in my “About” page which I will commence writing now.

*Realizes writing the “About” page involves writing about self, throws head back in frustration, shuts laptop, grabs mug and trudges to kitchen in search of sugar for the now-cold but still bitter cup of tea.*

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