What the Mess!? Dilemmas of a Black Girl Nerd

I’m in love with Zachary Levi. I’m not exactly sure when I first became aware of his tall, dark, nerdy, sexy self but the moment I did I was instantly infatuated. My attraction to him was instilled before Disney’s Tangled and has deepened with every episode of Chuck I devoured via Netflix. This said when I heard he was starring in the revamp of the sci-fi drama Heroes, Heroes Reborn, I was thrilled! A chance to watch my boo in a drama every week? Yes, please! There was only one problem: What the heck is Heroes?

After completing season 3 of Orange is the New Black in June, I immediately set to work binge watching all four seasons of the original Heroes series. It took me longer than I thought it would to get into the show. I hadn’t expected it to be so dark and brooding. Every time I had to endure one of Dr. Suresh’s voice overs it just made me want to find him and punch him in the throat. I was also frustrated because I expected all the heroes to get together and form a super team like The Avengers. (I’m a really big Marvel fan). I thought the scattered heroes would form such an alliance after they saved the cheerleader, but that didn’t come to fruition.

Today, thanks to the power of Netflix, I am four episodes away from having seen every Heroes episode! The other night while watching NBC I saw a commercial for Heroes Reborn featuring Sir Sexy Levi himself. At the end of the promo I noticed the premier date: Thursday September 24th. Wait a sec… I thought. That’s the same night as the premier of Scandal!

“What the mess?!? Why would they schedule Heroes Reborn at the same time as Scandal???” I demanded.

“Maybe they’re competing with each other.” suggested my foolish friend.

Not likely! I thought. They’re two COMPLETELY DIFFERENT genres of evening television entertainment!

Maybe that’s why they’re on at the same time! What viewer could possibly find him/herself  having to decide between the supernatural, action drama of Heroes Reborn and the saucy, fast-talking, realism of Scandal??? Um, hello! THIS GIRL RIGHT HERE!

Yes, I enjoy watching Olivia Pope hold her own as a Black leading lady taking on government corruption AND yes, I wanna see Zach Levi save the world alongside a team of special strangers. Is it so preposterous to be interested in both dramas?? These shows are two circles existing in close proximity to each other that look like they don’t intersect but they do! They do intersect and I’m living in that intersection along with the other Black girl nerds and other fans of both  supernatural and saucy dramas.

I know what you’re thinking and no, I am not interested in watching either show via a secondary source such as On Demand, online, or TiVo whatever. I’m old school. I like watching my shows in real time with commercials and a tub of popcorn in my lap.

Still upset about my impending TV conflict, the next day I Googled Heroes Reborn to double check its running time. To my pleasant surprise I found only the two-hour season premier of Heroes Reborn would conflict with Scandal, but the ensuing episodes would take place during the hour before Scandal. Thus I’d be able to watch Heroes Reborn from 8-9pm then Scandal from 9-10pm.

Thank the Television Orchestration Overlords!!! I guess they’ve got a Black Girl Nerd among them who found these coinciding times to be as much of a travesty as I did. I’m just glad I won’t have to choose between my endless admiration for Love-Me-Good-Levi and live tweeting scandalous “uh oh” moments.

When’s the last time you were caught between two very different yet perfectly synchronized forms of television entertainment?

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