The Amazing Story Generator

amazing-story-generator-coverI came across this awesome title at the New York Public Library Store on Fifth Ave about two years ago. It’s called The Amazing Story Generator and yes, it is amazing.

Inside this spiral notebook are three sets of pages. The top page supplies a setting or inciting event, the middle page provides a protagonist, and the last page presents a conflict or obstacle. You can mix and match the pages however you want to generate enough stories to last a lifetime. The layout of the book is great because if you open it and like the setting and conflict you’re given but not the protagonist, you can skim through the top pages until you find one that jives. This works for all of the pages.

I’ll be using this book to stretch my writing muscles by tackling different prompts and exercises which I’ll post to this blog (of course)! What books or websites do you like referring to for writing-prompt material? Feel free to share in the comments below!

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