NaPiBoWriWee 2016 Day 1

It’s May, and that means it’s National Picture Book Writing Week (Napibowriwee)! Woot Woot!

Created by children’s book rock star Paula Yoo, Napibowriwee runs the first week of May, during which time participants aim to write seven picture books in seven days! I know it sounds like madness, and it is. But the goal is not to have seven polished and perfect stories by the end of the week; it’s to counter procrastination and get those pesky, diamond-in-the-rough ideas down on paper!

My goal for Napibowriwee is to develop five original picture book stories complete with named characters, a plot structure, and developed dialogue. I’ve got three ideas locked and loaded ready for my attention. Paula proposed the theme “music” for this year’s Napibowriwee, so I will use that for my fourth story. I’m leaving the fifth story idea up to the muses; giving myself some freedom to improv!

I’m using Day 1 as prep! I’ve got my first few story ideas sketched out, my notebook is ready to go, and a good night’s sleep is in the forecast. Like many other writers, I’m balancing a full-time job with my writing conquests so most of my Napibowriwee work will be executed on the commute to and from work. This leaves little time for blogging so please follow me on Twitter @whatsticks for updates on my Napibowriwee adventure!

Will you be participating in Napibowriwee? What writing goals do you have for this week!? Leave a comment!


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